Your Exercise Record

You are expected to plan, and keep track of your exercises in this class. Your exercise record will be worth 20% of your grade.

If you lose it, it will hurt your grade. Bring this sheet, and a pen/pencil to class every day. If you’re really well prepared, save this file on your computer too, and update it there so that you’ll always have a copy.

Download the blank exercise record here: Exercise Record.

If you can’t make your own exercise program, try this one. The program is already filled out: Pre-Made Exercise Record.

Grading (20 points)*

  1. +5 points if you have the record with your exercise plan.
  2. +5 points if you are observed following your plan.
  3. +5 points if you have at least two weeks of records.
  4. +5 points if you are showing progress.

* You must earn all of these points in order.