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This page contains links and other information for my Fitness/Weight Training/Walking Class students to view or download.

For information on healthy eating and exercise, click here:

Want to know how to read a Nutrition Facts Label?  Click here:

To calculate the amount of calories that you use per day, use this spread sheet: Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

To calculate how many pounds of fat that you need to lose to reach your goal body fat %, use this spread sheet: Desired Body Fat.

To calculate your target heart rate zone using the Karvonen method, use this spread sheet: Target Heart Rate Zone.

Click here to view a study guide for the Weight Training written final exam.

 Exercises by Body Part

Trapezius (Traps): Shrugs.

Anterior Deltoid (Front Delt/Front Shoulder): Front Shoulder Raise.

Medial Deltoid (Mid Delt/Middle Shoulder): Side Shoulder Raise, Shoulder Press/Military Press.

Posterior Deltoid (Rear Delt/Back of Shoulder): One Arm Row, Row.

Bicep: Dumbbell Curls, Concentration Curl, Preacher Curl.

Tricep: Tricep Curl.

Pectoralis Major (Pecs/Chest): Flies, Bench Press, Dumbbell Bench Press.

Latissimus Dorsi (Lats): Pull Over, Pull Ups.

Abdominals (Abs): Curl-ups, Yoga Half Boat.

Quadriceps (Quads): Dumbbell Squats, Barbell Squats, Lunges.

Hamstrings: Dumbbell Squats, Barbell Squats, Lunges.

Gluteus Maximus (Glutes): Dumbbell Squats, Barbell Squats, Lunges, Back Extension (Using Roman Chair)

Gastrocnemius (Calves): Heel Raises.