Walking Class Grading

How is each marking period grade calculated?

  • 60 pts come from active participation in class.
  • 20 pts come from your pulse test.
  • 20 pts come from your diet journal.

What does participation mean?

You must be dressed appropriately for the activity and doing the activity to the best of your ability. Each day of class is worth points (probably 2-3 depending on the number of days in the marking period). 

How is my pulse grade calculated?

You will take another student’s pulse at the same time as the teacher for a random amount of time.  Your pulse calculation (number of beats X 10) has to be the same as the teacher’s.

  • An accurate reading (within 10) will give you 20 points. 
  • An error of 20, will give you 15 points.
  • An error of 30, will give you 10 points.
  • An error of 40 will give you 5 points.
  • An error of 50 or more will earn no points.

What is my diet journal?

For one work week (Mon-Fri), you will keep track of everything you eat and drink. 

For each food, or drink item, you must record: the name, the serving size, the number of servings consumed, the calories per serving, and the total calories consumed for the item. You must also state if the item is junk food, or healthy. 

You must then find the total number of calories consumed that day and state if you feel the amount of calories was appropriate for your size and lifestyle.

How is my diet journal graded?

For each accurately recorded day in the journal, you will receive 4 points.  This means that it must follow all of the rules written above.

How is my final grade for the term calculated?

Your final grade is the average of all marking period grades.  Depending on your school, you have 2 or 3 marking periods.  For example:

1st marking period grade of 45 + 2nd mp grade of 65 + 3rd marking period grade of 65 = 175

175 ÷ 3 = 58.3 (Failing grade)