The Nutrition Facts Label

What is a serving size?

A serving size is what a food/drink manufacturer thinks is a reasonable amount to eat/drink at one time.

What does “Servings Per Container” mean?

How many servings are in the package.

What is fat?

Fat is used as a source of energy.

What does “Total Fat” mean?

The number of grams of fat that are in a serving.

What is saturated fat?

Consuming too much saturated fat can lead to heart disease.  They are found in most animal products and some non-animal products such as coconuts, nuts and seeds.  You should limit how much you consume.

What is trans fat?

Consuming too much trans fat can lead to heart disease.  They are found in many fast food items.

What is cholesterol?

Consuming too much cholesterol can lead to heart disease.  Cholesterol is found only in foods that come from animals including meat, fish, poultry, milk, cheese and eggs.

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are used as a source of energy.  Grains, cereal, pasta, fruits and vegetables have a lot of carbohydrates.

What is fiber?

Fiber is a nutrient found in plant based foods. It helps to lower cholesterol, prevents Type 2 Diabetes, reduces hunger, and helps with defecation.

What is protein?

Protein is a nutrient that is used to build all the different cells in your body.  Meat, fish, poultry and beans have a lot of protein, but other foods have some protein too.

What are vitamins and minerals?

We need many different vitamins and minerals which are necessary for good health.  Compared to fat, protein and carbohydrates, we don’t need much of each one, but we must have them to be healthy.

What is junk food?

A food that has a lot of calories, but doesn’t offer much protein, fiber, vitamins or minerals.