Diet Journal

What is the Diet Journal?

For one weekend, you will keep track of everything that you eat, and drink.

You can download the form to keep track of your diet here in Microsoft Word format.

For each food, or drink item, you must record: the name, the calories per serving, the number of servings consumed, and the total calories consumed for the item. You must also state if the item is unhealthy, or healthy*

You must then find the total number of calories consumed that day and state if you feel the amount of calories was appropriate for your size and lifestyle.

You must take a photo of your dinner each night, and attach it to your assignment.

*How do you know if something is healthy, or unhealthy?  Read the Nutrtition Facts Label.  If it doesn’t have one, look it up here, or use any other reliable source. You should be careful with foods that have a lot of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium (unhealthy).  Also, if a food doesn’t have at least some protein, fiber, vitamins or minerals, you should be careful about how much of it you eat.  There are no perfect foods.  You need to make the best choices that you can.

How is the diet journal graded?

For each accurately recorded day in the journal, you will receive 5 points.  This means that it must follow all of the rules written above.

How do you submit the assignment?

You may hand write/print the Diet Journal on paper and bring it to class, or you may e-mail it to me at