Here are some links to people, pages, or videos that I hope you will enjoy.  They are listed in alphabetical order: Al Bruno, Board Game Geek, Carla R. Herrera, Clickteam, Fear of Girls, Garden ForkJack’s FilmsJason Rohrer, Let-Off StudiosMark Abrams, Professor Elemental: All in TogetherSteve Tiffany, The Daily Click and Tom Vasel.  There’s more information on the links below:

Al Bruno: This is my buddy’s site.  He’s self published a collection of short stories, one novel, and he’s working on another novel.  He leans towards the strange, and that’s why I like him.  Give indies a chance!

Board Game Geek: This is a great collection of info on board games.  Sometimes, when you’re confused about a rule, or you’re looking for hints on strategy, figure painting or organization, BGG has the solution.

Carla R. Herrera: Here’s another independent author and friend’s site.  She tends to writes dystopian/speculative fiction.  She’s been writing for a long time now, but she’s still a broke artist through no fault of her own!  Give indies a chance (again)!

Clickteam: This is the company that created the program authoring software that I use (Multimedia Fusion 2).  It all started with a program called Klik N Play.  It has come so far.  Visit their site if you’re big on ideas, but dislike technical jargon.

Fear of Girls: Although this video pokes fun at one of the greatest games ever made, I look at it as a loving tribute.  The creators know way too much about IT to not have been players.

Garden Fork: Eric has created a DIY channel about gardening, cooking, bee keeping, foraging, home repair, and other interesting things that probably wouldn’t cross your mind. He has a simple, easy to watch style that makes him seem like your friendly neighbor.

Jack’s Films: A friend of mine shared a link with me called, “Your Editing Lacks Continuity.”  It was a clever and funny video by a guy named Jack Douglass.  Check out his other work; especially his stuff on grammar and “Hogs Bison.”

Jason Rohrer: When I think of the good old days of video game creation, I picture one person with an original idea and the talent to make something with that idea.  Jason Rohrer is one of those guys, but he’s doing his thing in today’s world where games are made by dozens, if not hundreds of people.  Even if you don’t think much of his career, how he chooses to live his life is fascinating.

Let-Off Studios: Straight from their site: “We are creative types here at let-off studios. We want to explore various ways of expressing ourselves as moral agents in this world in which we currently live.” When I make a game, it takes me a minute to have the idea, 2 months to think about it, 3 months to write it down, and 18 months to finish it. Let-Off Studios cuts that down to about 2 weeks or less!

Mark Abrams: My friend Mark is an artist on a mission. His style is reminiscent of the kind you might find in a children’s book, but the colors are usually blended as if they were chalk or watercolor. Forget style for a moment, because his goal is: …. to inspire creativity and universal love by means of an Experimental Collaborative Art Rebellion. Basically, he “litters” his art in unlikely places to make the days of those who might see it a little brighter.

Professor Elemental: He is one of the founders of Chap-Hop. This video represents my version of good will to all mankind and peace on Earth. He has many other videos and songs too.

Steve Tiffany: Several years ago, while exploring game creation software options, I downloaded his talking head, Uncle Weevy.  To this day, I often go to Uncle Weevy, and Steve for entertainment, inspiration and advice. One of his big interests is randomly created art.

The Daily Click: Related to Clickteam is The Daily Click.  It’s a showcase and virtual meeting ground for people who use Clickteam’s products.  If you’re looking for inspiration, advice, or some fun, free games, click on their link.

Tom Vasel (The Dice Tower): I’ve been enjoying tons of board games lately.  I am also the kind of guy who turns to the web to research something before I buy.  Tom is my launching point for game research.  He isn’t high tech, or fancy, but his reviews are from the heart and fair.  He has a site, podcast and lots of Youtube videos.


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