Game Club

Our game club will offer the following games for the week of 1/12/15. Click the links to read the rules, or to watch a related video.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark – Video

  • Fantasy heroes battle a sinister enemy’s strange minions in different locations. (2 hours, 2-5 players)

Greed – Video

  • This card game simulates mobsters from the 60’s trying to make money by running shady businesses. (45 minutes, 2-5 players)


  • This is a cooperative card game where the goal is to put on a fireworks show. The challenge is that you can’t see your own cards, but other people can give you clues about what you have. (30 minutes, 2-5 players)

Toc Toc Woodman Video

  • This is a dexterity game where the goal is to knock the bark off of a tree without bringing the tree down. (10 minutes, 2-7 players)

Avalon – Video

  • An Arthurian version of The Resistance; a game of deduction and deception. (30 minutes, 5-10 players)

Bananagrams – Video

  • A word game that requires you to use all of your letter tiles in a crossword pattern. (10+ minutes, 1-8 players)

We have played the following games before, and if enough people request them, I will bring them for the next meeting.

Munchkin – Video

  • A comical and quick version of a fantasy RPG. (1-2 hours, 3-6 players)

Castle Panic – Video

  • A cooperative game where you work with other players to defend a castle against an army of monsters. (1 hour, 1-6 players)

Coup – Video

  • A bluffing card game where you manipulate political figures to gain control of a futuristic government (set in the same universe as The Resistance). (15 minutes, 2-5 players)

Fiasco – Video

  • A group story telling game where everything eventually goes really wrong. (3-5 player, 2 hours)

Wits & Wagers – Video

  • A trivia game where you don’t need to know the answer; just bet on the person who does, or doesn’t. (20 minutes, 4-8 players)

Quiddler – Video

  • This is a card game that will remind you of Scrabble. (10-30 minutes, 2-8 players)

Tsuro – Video

  • Lay down tiles to keep your stone on a path, and to trick other players off of a path. (30 minutes, 2-8 players)

Yikerz! – Video

  • This is a simple game where the goal is for each player to get rid of all of his/her magnetic stones by placing them on a mat. If you accidentally touch stones together, or push them off the mat, you pick them up instead. (2-5 minutes, 1-6 players)

Catacombs – Video

  • An elf, barbarian, wizard and rogue enter dark catacombs to defeat the evil monsters inside. Combat is resolved by flicking wooden disks on the board. (1.5 hours, 2-5 players)

Telestrations – Video

  • This is based on the game Telephone, with a visual twist. Instead of repeating what the last person said, you draw it. (10+ minutes, 4-8 players)

Dixit – Video

  • An unusual card game that involves guessing which card, in a line up of surreal cards, belongs to a player based on his or her description. (45 minutes, 3-5 players)

Carcassonne – Video

  • Take credit for designing a huge medieval city. (1 hour, 2-5 players)

Star Fluxx – Video

  • A card game that starts out simple, but gets more complex because the players can change the rules. (10-45 minutes, 2-6 players)

The Resistance – Video

  • Play the role of rebels fighting a corrupt government. Unfortunately, a few of you are spies for the other side. (30 minutes, 5-10 players)

Last Night On Earth – Video 

  • Play zombies or survivors in a small town. (2 hours, 2-6 players)

Forbidden Island – Video 

  • A cooperative game where you, and your friends, try to recover 4 relics from an island before it sinks. (45 minutes, 2-4 players)

Smash Up – Video

  • This card game uses pirates, zombies, ninjas, dinosaurs and more to battle it out for control of the world. (1 hour, 2-4 players)

There are more games to come. This is only part of what I have available.