Feedback, Shmeedback, I’m Done.

This post is only meant to serve as a courtesy for any lost soul who may have read them in the past.

I’m done with the blog and demos. My original concept of developing a successful game based on user feedback, from day one, has proven to be a failure. I wasn’t able to create a buzz on game development sites, so the feedback that I need wasn’t coming in the volume, or quality, that I required.

So, my initial approach failed, but this doesn’t mean that it was pointless because I learned something very important about myself: My tastes are not common, therefore it’s unlikely that I will make a game that appeals to the masses. I am okay with that. In fact, this game will be a glorious failure, which makes me even more proud.

I will continue to work on It Never Ends privately until I feel that I’ve made it the game that matches my vision. When it’s released, the game play will be primarily the same, but the name and marketing approach will be very different. I feel like my advertising for the game was misleading. When you mention a shoot’em up, gamers picture one of many mindless clones with ships that fire streams of endless bullets.

My game is not a mindless clone, and it is certainly not a casual game. The game requires you to analyze the enemy and develop a counter strategy. It encourages experimentation. The game requires you to learn how to pilot the ship. The randomized aliens and changing environments keep it fresh. Lastly, unlike many games that look like it, it has a story which will develop with time.

For those of you who offered feedback, I thank you. Some of it helped enhance my vision of the game. For those of you who wanted to hack my vision down to the standard clone, you helped me realize that I can’t please everyone, and that it is of vital importance that I’m happy with the game before anyone else.

If the finished product has even one fan, then I will be satisfied with the effort that I’ve invested.

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