New Dead Miles Beta Available

I’m finished with the beta.  It will be available until April 1st.

Here is the link: The Dead Miles 1.1 Beta (The link has been removed since the beta period ended on April 1st).

If you would like to help, please download the game and send me feedback here, or through e-mail:

I am unlikely to make any design changes, but I need to know if everything works as intended.  If you experience something strange, no matter how small, please let me know.


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3 Responses to New Dead Miles Beta Available

  1. vbwyrde says:

    Hi. Ok, I read the introduction, I read the rules, I even read the short and interesting zombie essay. My first character died with 000 points in about 20 seconds. Oh well. This kind of game is not actually my cup of tea. I also happen to have something against the entire zombie genre in so far as I pretty much don’t care for it. Maybe it’s because of the way zombies have been done-to-death, so to say. So… the upshot is, I’m really the worst case scenario for reviewers of this otherwise thrilling, intense, and highly addictive piece of monstrosity. Thanks. I think I will go and lay down now.


  2. vbwyrde says:

    uh… I should add… I have a bit of cold and feeling kinda cranky, too. Sorry if my review sounds a little negative. Actually, I admire the work that went into this. Now, if the game had been about Unicorns from Candy Mountain… well… eehhh… no, maybe not. Anyway, I will probably wind up playing this more than I should. It’s annoying to be killed in 20 seconds with 000 points! :p

  3. Mister Donovan says:

    My first play test involved watching someone play, without reading the instructions, while occasionally glancing at the television. From a total of 4 minutes of game time, I learned four things:

    1. People aren’t going to read the instructions first.
    2. The player could leave the map.
    3. The exit input on the player death screen wasn’t clear.
    4. This game will only appeal to die hard fans of the genre with a sense of nostalgia for old school games.

    So, any bit of feedback is valued. As far as my feelings go, this game has been an eighteen month long learning experience.

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