Almost Done…. Really.

Honestly.  I’m almost done.  I really want to get this finished because I am eager to start my iPod/iPhone shooter game.  I also want to have it ready as a make-up assignment for my students.  That is a major reason why I made the thing.

Now that the travel map is done, and safe havens are dotted over the area, the game is a lot easier.  It’s probably possible to finish it in 15-30 minutes if you get lucky.  I haven’t actually had anyone play test the new version, so this estimate is probably way off, and doesn’t account for the learning curve.

I’ve completed most of my objectives and added a few minor things like a heart beat in the background.  The game still has the original title music, but I find the simple sound of a beating heart kind of creepy in a zombie game.

Here is the rest of my to do list:

-Add a permanent stat penalty when the character starves with low body fat. This may be a little harsh, but I could see players simply accepting the hunger penalty and skipping meals.  That isn’t the kind of message that I want to get across.

-Increase the normal penalties for hunger and starvation.

-Increase hit points by 1 when napping and not hungry.

-Solve the mystery of dying zombies.  They just drop dead.  It has something to do with collision detection and cars.

-Debug stuck zombies on trees and cars.  I thought that I had fixed this, but every once in a while, a zombie is seen doing a jitterbug dance on a tree or car.

The next update will be the release of version 1.1.


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