The Travel Mini-Game Update

Slowly, but surely, I have started modifying how The Dead Miles handles travel.

Here is a list of what has been completed:

-The map is randomly generated. The northern coast is all beach, but everything else is random.

-Clicking and holding the left mouse button moves the player at maximum speed toward the cursor.

-Clicking the right mouse button moves the player at 1/3 speed toward the cursor.  Moving slowly allows the player to potentially hide from visible zombies.

-Sighting distance is limited unless the player is on, or looking through, open fields or beaches.  Once the player is in, or looking through any other terrain, vision is limited to the next map tile if close to the edge of the current tile.  Even when sight isn’t obstructed, vision is limited to 3 tiles, or roughly 6 miles.

-Tiles that cannot be seen clearly will be darkened.  A light tile indicates that the player can see inside and determine if zombies are present.

-Time has been integrated at a pace of 6 seconds of real time to one hour of game time.

-As the sun sets, the map becomes gradually darker.

-Time, hunger and fatigue levels are displayed.

-Zombie groups are spawned on the map.  There are four size categories of zombie groups.  The speed of each group is determined randomly, but doesn’t differ too much.

-When a zombie group contacts a player, play shifts to the appropriate combat screen.

I still have a lot to do:

-Create graphics for map terrain, zombies and the player.

-Integrate calorie use during travel.

-Integrate fatigue and hunger with travel.

-Include a “Camp” button which allows the player to access the planning screen if no zombies are near.

-Randomly place safe havens on the map.

-Reduce player speed when on rough terrain.

No other changes to the game have been made. When on the planning screen, there is a chance to get attacked by zombies when an activity is selected.  I will eventually fix a few graphics, and make a couple other changes, but after the travel map is done, so am I.  If this fix doesn’t make the game playable, I’ll have to cut my loses.

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