Feedback needed for The Dead Miles

I’ve made freeware games before.  I did it only for the challenge and the knowledge that I produced something that entertained some people; if only for a few minutes.  In 2000, I would get feedback on the software that I made.

Today, I get nothing.

Perhaps it’s because there are so many other games out there.  Perhaps it’s because people think their opinions don’t matter.

Feedback is important.  Feedback is valuable.  It lets me know when I did something right, and when I did something wrong.  Also, I’m just one guy.  If you send feedback to Blizzard, your opinion will most likely be lost in the crowd.  I will definitely see your comment, and probably respond.  If I receive enough feedback on an issue, it will change how I do things.

So, please give me your opinions and feedback on The Dead Miles.  It’s a free program.  Think of this as an equivalent exchange.  You give me your opinion, and I’ll make a better game.  Forget money because we’re all pals, right?

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  1. J- says:

    If possible, adding hotkeys to rotate between items and having somewhat of a HUD would make the game a little easier.

    Also I couldn’t help but to notice the cars and people in the scenery. It would be nice if there were a button used to search those.

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